Who am I?

Jessica is my given name, but I actually like Jess better; feel free to choose which you prefer. For the past 25 years of my life I have been living in Miami, Florida, where I was born and raised. Coming from my mom, whom is craftsy, and my dad, whom is hands on, is how I believe I came to be who I am today. As a child I loved going to Art class and on the weekends I was helping my dad or grandpa in fixing/creating stuff around the house with tools. Being exposed to technology at such an early age with a Windows 95 computer at home and playing 'The Happy Face Game' (Minesweeper), I enjoyed seeing how these machines made it easier for us to accomplish tasks. During my high school years where I was in the IT Academy is where I took my first Digital Design classes. From there, the rest is history. That's when I knew I wanted to combine all the things I loved and be able to work with art, design, technology and code.

My college years consisted of 2 Associate Degrees, 2 Bachelor Degrees, and 1 minor. At Miami Dade College, I focused on an Associate of Science in Graphic Design Techonology and an Associate of Arts in Graphic and Commercial Arts. My time at Full Sail University was solely focused on a Bachelor of Science in Web Design and Development. Lastly, at Florida International University, I focused on a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology and a Minor in Asian Studies. Although I am done with schooling (for now), I'm currently still going to FIU to continue my studies in Japanese language. I'm happier being a multidisciplinary individual than being stuck with only one field of knowledge for the rest of my life. But I don't want the learning to stop here as I loved to learn about new things every day!

On my spare time I enjoy spending time with my family, playing videos games, watching Anime, and taking photography as a hobby. I love animals and over the course of my life I have owed a variety of different animals from hermit crabs to a turtle and a tortoise. Currently I have a dog named Riki (R1K1, feel free to ask me about his unique name), a Betta Fish named Supreme Kai (after a Dragon Ball Z character) and a couple of saltwater fish swimming a top of my desk. I have an unbelievable affection and passion towards turtles and tortoises of all kind. My hope is to be able to volunteer at the Loggerhead Marinelife Center on a regular basis once I am done with school. My other dream includes visiting Japan and perhaps living there for 2-3 months if possible as I want to thoroughly learn about the Asian culture and immerse myself in it. I also plan to get my scuba diving license as I would like to take underwater photography more frequently.

Fun Facts

Text editor of choice? Atom
Favorite food? Anything with cheese
Favorite color? Blue & Green
Preferred Mobile OS? Android
Favorite character? Link (Legend of Zelda)
Land or Sea? Sea
Favorite car? Nissan GT-R (any year)
Apple or Samsung? Samsung
Birthday Month? March
Something random? I dyed my hair blue once!
Favorite number? 3, 7, 22

Thanks for visiting!

I'd like to take a moment to thank you for visiting my site! I hope you enjoyed looking at my works and seeing what I love to do, as well as learning a little bit more about myself. Please feel free to contact me if you'd for me to work with you on your project or have any questions in general. Have a nice day! :)